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BeeLuxe - Intense All Natural Moisturizing Lotion Cream

Plush Luxe

Regular price $ 12.75
BeeLuxe - Intense All Natural Moisturizing Lotion Cream

BeeLuxe moisturizing dream cream delivers intense moisture to dry skin. Perfect for after bath and for very dry skin areas.  This bombshell continues to keep hands soft through multiple hand washes.  Made from all-natural humectant ingredients including unbleached beeswax used as the emulsifier instead of synthetics.   Preservative-free, paraben & paraffin-free, synthetic-free.  Absolutely no wheat germ oil is used in creating BeeLuxe.  

Available in 2 sizes, 8 oz. and 4 oz. Use the drop down menu to choose your options.

Only 100% pure essential oils are used to create the scents available, no artificial fragrances, no dyes, NO PRESERVATIVES, so please be advised that your product will be shipped fresh, and expires in 6 months  

Signature Scent:  This proprietary scent has a rich but soft and sweet aroma, capturing the essence of calm and tranquility. The most common remark is "You smell like heaven, what are you wearing?"

Lavender: The aroma is sweet, slightly floral, with balsamic and herbal undertones, very much like rolling lavender in the palm of your hands. This scent captures the essence of comfort.

Eucalyptus Mint: A fragrant, minty, stimulating and refreshing scent that captures the essence of harmony.

Unscented:  No essential oils are added, however, the all-natural ingredients have a slight honey odor that dissipates within a few minutes of application.

Chose your size and scents from the drop down menus.

Bee charms not included.

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