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About Us

This project began as I was making gifts for friends and family.  I had made scrubs and other products for years, but not soap.  I was looking for the most natural of soaps that would be beneficial to the skin instead of just stripping it.  I wanted the soap to compliment my other products by adhering to the same standards of quality.  I couldn't find anything near my expectations, so I decided to make it.  I made it quite well, and many have asked to purchase it.  I created a signature scent that has been described by many as "This is amazing!"

I'd love to focus on fundraisers for schools, and other organizations, and plan to provide a very generous program for fundraisers. That is still developing, but won't be long.

Through the encouragement of my friends and family, I've launched Plush Luxe, which is the only way I can describe what I make.  They are the most plush, and luxurious of products.