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Piqued: An extraordinary all-natural alpha-hydroxy facial masque.

Plush Luxe

Regular price $ 35.00
Piqued:  An extraordinary all-natural alpha-hydroxy facial masque.

100% pure, all-natural facial masque that removes dead skin, minimizes pores, promotes new cell growth, fights age spots, and improves the look of fine lines. 

The effects of this masque are quite extraordinary with regular, weekly use. Skin texture improves to a smoother feel and the effects last. Makeup goes on smoother.  Less makeup is needed because pores are smaller and dead skin cells that absorb the moisture in your makeup are gone and no longer interfere in application.

This masque is very unique and made from 100% natural ingredients, does NOT use synthetic alpha-hydoxy, only naturally derived.  It CAN be very uncomfortable for some, has a slight burning, tingling effect and some redness. It is temporary and testers have described it from mild to very uncomfortable.  Sample size available for purchase. Use the drop down menu to choose the sample size.

This masque is NOT for sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, please try our Milk & Oatmeal Masque.

Like all of our products, this masque is dye free.

Follow up your Piqued masque with Luxe ReGenesis: Facial Scrub for beautifully soft, smooth, glowing skin.